Kundalini Yoga and its Benefits


What is Kundalini Yoga?  Kundalini Yoga is a science: a technology.  There are combinations of breathing techniques, physical exercises, hand mudras, meditations and mantras all combined for a specific purpose.  These combinations are called Kriyas.  There are thousands of kriyas; for example: Kriya for Building the Nervous System, or Kriya for Boosting the Immune System or Kriya for the Endocrine Glands.

When studying these kriyas, with a combination of knowledge in Anatomy, Meridians, Reflexology, Mudras, Acupressure Points and Marmas it is possible to see the science behind a particular combination of physical moves or mudras, however, it is much easier to trust in the Golden Chain of Teacher and just follow the instructions and feel the results.


  1. Kundalini yoga builds our nervous systems and helps to clear our auras. The aura is the magnetic field that surrounds our bodies.  We know that we are made up of electrons and protons constantly moving and yet held together in come miraculous way. The idea that we have a magnetic field, an aura, can now be seen in Kirlian photography.  Our auras can be high vibrating and crystal clear or of a lower vibration and clouded with past traumas and hurts.  Once these wounds are healed our true radiance shines through.  We all start off as diamonds.  Many times, our true selves become covered with the dung of life.  Kundalini yoga gives us a way to get back to our true radiance an a clear conscious.
  2. Kundalini yoga clears the subconscious and quiets your mind. Have you ever woken up thinking of something that happened years ago or perhaps just a few weeks ago? When you went to bed you were not thinking of this event.  Perhaps it had not even been on your radar for years and then suddenly there it is.  The mind, goes on a mental intrigue, thinking this scenario and that: I could had done this, said that…….  Soon you find you cannot get back to sleep or even quit thinking of this subject. It may plague your mind all day.  This is the subconscious.  Kundalini yoga helps to clear the subconscious, leaving us lighter.  More able to relax and enjoy this moment. Creating peace and enjoyment in the present moment.
  3. Kundalini yoga strengthens your awareness of just how strong you really are both physically and mentally. Some of the simplest moves or body positions can be so challenging.  Finding the strength within yourself to surpass your own imposed limitations builds great confidence.  Confidence leads to reaching for our dreams, manifesting what we want without self-imposed limitations.  We know we are worthy.  It is our birthright to be happy and whole.
  4. Kundalini Yoga reestablishes our connection to the Divine. The divine cosmic energy and the divine within each one of us, enabling us to find and see the true diamonds in ourselves and all that surrounds us.  When we move from a place of love, we love ourselves, love others and then attract even more love into our lives.